Health & Fitness

  • I’m still focused on a carnivore diet. I mainly eat ground beef, beef liver and eggs with a few tins of sardines or mackerel thrown in as snacks. I’m still fine-tuning it. I love cheese but I’m not sure it’s working for me. It may have to go.
  • I’ve just completed the Resistance Band Training 28 Challenge. I loved it and I’m looking forward to the next twelve months now that I’ve become a gym member.
  • I’m still doing my Tai Chi/Qigong at home. I’ve had to stop classes due to work commitments, hopefully, that may change soon.
  • Now I’ve got, Hunter, a Great Dane 8-month-old puppy I’ve picked up my daily walking. It’s not easy, legs are dead by the end of the day.

What I’m Working On

  • My workshop is getting a makeover! Plans are underway to create more storage and install new machinery.
  • Working on new wardrobes. Just trimming and painting left to go.
  • I’ve designed a new piece of ‘interactive’ kids furniture. Now on to the prototype stage. My granddaughter (test pilot) will be getting a special gift this year!

What I’m Reading

What I’m Listening to

Now is inspired by Derek Sivers